Brooklyn Theatre

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The Brooklyn Theater, (originally trading as 'Salon Music') has successfully staged classical concerts, promoted classical music, created work for classical musicians and recorded all of 31 CD's since 1994.

They have become a household name in the 'lifestyle' and 'finer things in life' categories in Gauteng and proud themselves on personal care of their patrons.

They have become, through our passion for stylish and accessible music, an invaluable vehicle to enhance the music experience of connoisseurs and casual listeners alike. They have considerable number of loyal and reliable supporters who have stood by them and have taken on the social responsibility to help classical music survive in South Africa. The number of regular clients has grown steadily and now stands at approximately 52 000 music lovers.

"We believe the beauty of classical music is universal and we aim to reach people everywhere through our authenticity and originality."

For more on their productions, go to their website here.

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